Java 25 周年:MovedByJava 之观点

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Java 25周年:MovedByJava之观点






219,000 hours

9,125 days

1,304 weeks

300 months

25 of amazing years Java!


Happy 25th Birthday Java!


Java would not have survived if it was only a programming language. Its a combination of platform, library, garbage collection, and everything else created a perfect storm.


People often think community is about agreement, but it's often about disagreement, and how we move forward together.


I've learned other languages, and you just use it. But the fact that each version of the language brings new things, it can take you in new directions. It keeps evolving and keeps changing.


The thing that's surprised me the most is how long it's lasted! An important factor in Java's success is stewardship. Taking stewardship seriously, thinking long-term, and balancing that.


The roadmap is the richest it's been since the early years of Java. There's a fantastic number of things going on. There's Project Amber, Project Loom, and Project Panama.


We want Java to be relevant for the next 25 years. That means we need to balance innovation with conservation.


I thought other hipper, flashier languages would take over. This couldn't be further from the truth. Java is a rock-solid technology and it's all happening in JDK.


We spend a lot of time talking with developers and understanding the pain points. One of the most important things we do is we do our work in the OpenJDK community. The process is open and transparent.


One of the key values of the Java language is reading code is more important than writing code. Code that can be read can be retained. Code that can be retained retains its value.


One of the things I strive to do is let students know early on there is no one way to solve a problem. I don't emphasize a particular language. But over the course, 80% end up using Java.


Tooling can help you bridge the gap between what you want and what your language provide. A lot of it is driven by the community, don't have to reinvent the wheel, that's why Java is so approachable. Got blog posts, tutorials, people to talk, personal experiences.

Our World, Moved by Java.


Java 25周年有一个对抗活动,票选最重要的JDK创新。我以前负责的一个项目(TLS 1.3)也候选其中。欢迎去投票!

我也是刚知道这个活动,刚刚知道这个项目入选。我也不知道该怎么投票,;-) 所以,不用花时间去找投票,除非你恰好要去玩一玩。不过,你可以去感受下评论,看看哪些创新你可以用得上。


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Java 25周年:MovedByJava之观点